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How to Optimize Images for Google Places SEO

By admin - 21st May 2012

Google feeds off content. And content is the driving force behind better search engine rankings, especially for Google Places SEO. Of the many forms of content on a Google Places page, images are one of the easiest to optimize. In matter of a few simple steps, you can optimize your images to help grow your Google Places listing for better local advertising exposure. Know Your Keyword Targets for Local SEO When optimizing any form of content, it is important you...

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Choosing a Website Optimization Company That Rocks

By admin - 17th May 2012

With all of the changes occurring in Google with “over-optimization” and sites being penalized for having too many optimized backlinks, it is hard to determine who trust in the web marketing industry. Many SEO and website optimization companies have been on the radar for sketchy practices that have resulted in their clients’ website dropping in the search results. This has compelled us to write a post on what to look for when choosing a website optimization company, and choosing one that...

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Why You Can’t Afford Not To Use Content Marketing

By admin - 8th May 2012

There are several reasons why you should strive to generate quality content for your website. Content creation can significantly contribute to how well you market and promote your online business, brand, product, or service. In addition, content is backbone behind any SEO or inbound marketing strategy. At the Web Presence Group, we call this approach content marketing. Content marketing is essential for SEO and website optimization. Whether the content of marketing focus is on your website, on your blog, or...

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10 Techniques to Build Quality Backlinks for SEO

By admin - 30th April 2012

Link building has become one of the most effective practices for better SEO performance. In essence, backlinks (links from external sources pointing back to your webpages) are like votes of popularity and credibility in the search engines. The higher quality of links, and the more of them, the greater rankings potential your webpages have. Understanding Backlinks 101 Backlink quality stems from the source in which the links are coming from. A key point here is ensuring your backlinks have contextual...

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How to Conduct Keyword Research the Right Way

By admin - 23rd April 2012

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective way of improving your website’s visibility on the Internet. In most cases, search engine users only click the listings that appear on the first page of the SERPs (search engine results pages). Even the sponsored or paid listings above the organic results are being overlooked, depending on the nature of the user’s search query. Although there are a number of different SERPs (with Google Places, “enhanced local listings,” Pay Per...

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