April 2013

Why Your Marketing Plan Should Emphasize Web Presence Management

By admin - 29th April 2013

The marketing playing field for most businesses has become primarily digital. Even for locally-focused small businesses, there’s a wealth of marketing opportunities in having a cohesive web presence...

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[Strategy Insights:] Google Local and Your Business’ Web Presence

By admin - 25th April 2013

Web Presence Group author and marketing manager, Tyler Tafelsky, wrote a great post about using Google+ to boost your brand’s presence on the web and it goes into...

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Keyword Research Tips to Ignite Your Mobile SEO Strategy

By admin - 19th April 2013

It’s beyond obvious that mobile-based search is growing fast. People use their smartphones to search for almost anything, spanning from local restaurants to specific products. It’s thus important...

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Tips for Using Google+ to Magnify Your Brand’s Web Presence

By admin - 15th April 2013

By joining the early adopters on Google+, you can significantly magnify the web presence of your brand in many ways. This centers on one momentous fact: Google+ is...

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Know the Importance of Google Authorship & Preparing for AuthorRank

By admin - 4th April 2013

As we enter the second quarter of 2013, there’s a wealth of commotion about Google Authorship in the search marketing profession. The commotion revolves around the ever-powerful image...

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