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6 Website Optimization Tips to Improve SEO & CRO

Website optimization is an ambiguous phrase that’s used in many content. But really, the simple definition of website optimization is the effort of making a website perform better. Whether to perform better for usability, search engine optimization (SEO), or conversion rate optimization (CRO), many processes of website optimization overlap in their core purpose. That is, […]

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The Essentials of Optimized Web Design

The art of website optimization is more than just building optimized pages with keyword inclusion. Website optimization must also respect the SEO friendly fundamentals of web design and development. In other words, the back-end structure or mark-up language (HTML) of a website can ultimately influence SEO performance. So in this blog post we underscore some […]

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How to Structure Your Pages for Optimal Keyword Relevancy

After keyword research and selection, the next primary phases of optimizing a website is planning and organizing optimized pages. Designing the architecture of your website, particularly its optimized pages, is a great task. Establishing optimal keyword relevancy hinges on not only the nature of the site’s content, but how well the optimized pages are organized. […]

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