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The Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

By admin - 26th June 2012

Having a smartphone friendly website is a major consideration for all types of companies. It’s the major marketing decision of 2012 as mobile Internet use continues to skyrocket. To shed some light on just how important mobile website optimization has become, below are five noteworthy statistics to absorb: In 2012, 94% of smartphones users will be also be mobile Internet users 20% of all adult smartphone users have used their mobile phone to buy something 4 out of 10 smartphone...

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How to Make and Manage Your Business’s Google+ Local Page

By admin - 20th June 2012

Google recently launched Google+ Local Pages as a way of encouraging businesses, organizations, products, and brands to have a presence on the new Google+ social network. The new business profile format helps companies promote further awareness of their business, while enabling Google+ users to discover and share information about the business. This can result in greater exposure while increasing a company’s marketing potential. Aside from using the social media network, users can access Google+ Local Pages through Google search as...

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How to Structure Your Pages for Optimal Keyword Relevancy

By admin - 12th June 2012

After keyword research and selection, the next primary phases of optimizing a website is planning and organizing optimized pages. Designing the architecture of your website, particularly its optimized pages, is a great task. Establishing optimal keyword relevancy hinges on not only the nature of the site’s content, but how well the optimized pages are organized. In this post, we are going to share with you two key components to consider when developing multiple new optimized pages for a site. These...

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5 On-Page Website Optimization Tips

By admin - 5th June 2012

Almost anyone who knows a bit about SEO can write a page title and meta description with keywords in the copy. However on-page optimization these days requires a lot more to reign king of the search rankings. Sure, off-page SEO, such as link building and content marketing, carries the most weight in actually getting your website ranked. But on-page optimization sets the stage for off-page SEO. That is, the content on your website must correlate to the inbound links pointing...

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New Google+ Local Integrates Social & Search

By admin - 1st June 2012

A huge motion was made by Google this week. The search giant ditched its local Google Places pages for what are now Google+ Local pages. The most significant aspect of this change is that these new Google+ Local pages are integrated in the social media platform Google Plus. What was solely a component of organic search (Google Places) has now merged into both a social and a search portal. It’s no doubt that Google’s evolution of local Google Places pages...

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