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Top Citations to Empower Your Google Local Search Ranking

By admin - 31st January 2013

After SEOmoz acquired, a local SEO resource for all types of businesses and marketers, it’s evident that Google local search will be of primary focus in 2013. Depending on the keyword and geographic market, attaining a higher local search ranking can be difficult. There’s a number of on-page factors (such as reviews and Google+ page content) as well as off-page factors that influence Google local search rankings. Citations Suggest Credibility & Authority Probably the most significant off-page factor is...

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SEO Strategy Insights for Facebook’s Graph Search

By admin - 17th January 2013

If you’re up-to-par with SEO or what’s happening in the search industry, you’ve probably caught word of the new Facebook Graph Search. Facebook’s Graph Search takes Internet search to a much more personal level. Users can perform a search for “sushi restaurants that my friends like” and “dentists my friends have been to.” For SEO’s, these examples suggest that “likes” and “check-ins” are signals that many influence Facebook’s search ranking (hint, hint.) Of course local searches like “campgrounds near Sleeping...

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The SEO’s Guide to Optimizing Blog Posts for Better Rankings & CTR’s

By admin - 16th January 2013

There’s no question that great blog posts have incredible SEO potential. Google finds tremendous value in socially-favored content that has garnered the Likes, Tweets, Shares, Pins and +1’s of the masses. In short, great content that’s socially popular tends to rank very highly in the organic search results. In addition to producing brilliant content that’s well-liked amongst your audience, there’s a few fail-proof techniques to better optimize your blog posts for greater SEO value (or Google ranking potential.) These techniques are applicable...

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5 Practical PPC Optimization Tips for Efficient Campaign Management

By admin - 8th January 2013

Managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign in Google AdWords can be a cumbersome endeavor. I often see PPC campaigns that are just a mess, and for many reasons. A little education can go a long way when trying to manage a profitable PPC campaign. Below I share with you five easy-to-learn PPC optimization tips that even beginner AdWords advertisers can grasp. By putting these tips to use, you’ll quickly garner better results in your AdWords campaign. Optimize Keyword...

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5 Simple Website Optimization Tips to Meet the New Standards of SEO

By admin - 3rd January 2013

The best practices of SEO are changing. Instead of trying to game Google to get top rankings, the new standards of SEO focus on quality content gains popularity (and earns search engine authority) naturally. So in addition to “SEO,” the new standards emphasize social media and building meaningful connections. The way in which you optimize your website has evolved parallel to these changing standards. Although establishing keyword relevancy is still important, the on-site end of things demands a different approach....

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