Landing Page Optimization

Landing page optimization is an important and often overlooked component to better Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Without a solid landing page, the expense of clicks is magnified and even the best ad copy can go under appreciated. Landing page optimization goes hand in hand with conversion optimization services. And what business couldn’t benefit from more conversions?

At the Web Presence Group, that is the central focus of our landing page optimization service – to convert more users who land on your webpages. Our landing page optimization services come with a wealth of experience in web design, copywriting, and website optimization services. Our experts tailor and split-test multiple landing pages to determine which elements of the page convert the most visitors.

Landing Page Optimization Services

With our landing page optimization services, we are able to help several different companies realizes better PPC performance. Our professionals review many aspects of the page as well as the entire campaign. As part of our landing page optimization service, we will:

  • conduct keyword and market research to learn about the nature and behaviors of the target market
  • break-down individual campaigns and ad groups to pinpoint additional or missed opportunities
  • experiment with various creatives, particularly landing page design and copywriting
  • split-test multiple landing page variations with different page structures and call-to-actions
  • create and optimize different sales funnels as visitors navigate down the conversion path

Landing page optimization is an essential practice to Pay Per Click advertising services. At the Web Presence Group, we are happy help you optimize your landing pages for more conversions and a better return on your PPC investment. Learn more about our landing page optimization services, contact us.