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Website Optimization Tips for Ecommerce SEO

By admin - 12th September 2012

The SEO processes for ecommerce sites are a much more advanced compared to traditional websites. In essence, ecommerce sites can be super deep with multiple levels of category and products pages. As a result, on-site SEO and website optimization hold much greater importance. There are a number of intricacies that can make or break an ecommerce SEO campaign. Being aware of the little things that can help or hinder SEO is paramount when optimizing an ecommerce website. In this blog...

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Using the Hashtag to Optimize Your Social Media Posts

By admin - 27th August 2012

One of the more unique concepts to stem from social networking is hashtagging. The hashtag was first born on Twitter, where it’s used to faciliate Twitter’s search algorithm. As a result of the hashtag’s popularity, it has been adopted by other social media sites, such as the growing Google+. The benefit of using the hashtag on social media sites is that it helps your post become found by other users when they perform a related search. In a sense, hashtagging...

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A New Dawn for Organic SEO: Why Marketers Need to Get Social

By admin - 21st August 2012

Remember the old days when optimizing a website was as simple as lathering the page with the same keyword repeated several times throughout the content (whether it was necessary or not)? It’s no surprise that search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly more complex every day. Old SEO tactics like exact keyword match domains, quantity of keywords on a page, and massive amounts of keyword optimized anchor text are all on their way out (if not already.) Hundreds of factors added...

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Blogger Platform Integrates Google+ Social Elements

By admin - 16th August 2012

Google has recently integrated its social media network into its blogging platform by infusing Google+ sharing in the Blogger dashboard. This move should be a hint to SEO experts that social’s impact on search is on the rise. The inclusion of Google +1 buttons and social sharing options is also a way for marketers to grow their audience and expand their Google+ following. As stated on the Blogger Buzz blog: “Blogger lets you share your thoughts, grow your readership, and...

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3 Simple Strategies for Ecommerce SEO

By admin - 10th August 2012

Almost all ecommerce websites are conceptually similar. They typically all have varying levels of product categories, sub-categories, product pages, shopping carts and checkout processes. Although there are always unique qualities, the strategies for ecommerce SEO are relatively consistent for most e-retailers. In this blog post, we share some of the most fundamental strategies for ecommerce SEO. Understanding these essential aspects of search engine optimization can help you prioritize your efforts better rankings. 1. Deep Linking is Ideal Link building is...

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