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5 Tips for Using Google Display Network (GDN)

By admin - 2nd August 2012

Whether you operate your own marketing efforts in-house or help run a firm that provides ecommerce PPC services, there’s a number of opportunities when using the Google Display Network (or “GDN”) for online advertising. Many marketers balk at display advertising for a number of reasons. Not only does using the Google Display Network require a bit of know-how, but display advertising is far different the paid search advertising. Because users are in a different frame-of-mind, display ads must be outstanding...

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3 Benefits of Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

By admin - 18th July 2012

Content marketing is becoming more than just a buzzword in the Internet marketing and SEO industries. Content marketing is a rather broad term that underscores a powerful approach to promote a business on the Web. In short, creating brilliant content (whether in form of a video, article, blog post, or infographic) and marketing that content (whether through Google+, Twitter, YouTube, StumbleUpon, or Facebook) offers a relevant, cost-efficient way to connect with highly target audiences.  The approaches to content marketing offer...

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Infographic: Content Marketing is on the Rise in Search

By admin - 17th July 2012

Brilliant content helps brands go viral. The social integration of the Internet over the past decade has streamlined the sharing of virtually all forms of content. As a result, content marketing offers limitless opportunities to grow a business’s web presence. Spanning from videos, images, and infographics to articles, blogs, and comics, the channels to exploit content marketing are vast. So what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and expand your marketing horizons by sharing exceptional content.

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Ecommerce Internet Marketing: PPC or SEO?

By admin - 12th July 2012

The Internet marketing arena for ecommerce websites is becoming even more vast. Almost any product niche that’s applicable to online selling is emerging with new, powerful players. Just take a look at the search engine results for certain product-related searches. Below is just one example of the intense competitive nature that ecommerce Internet marketing has in store. So to the organic clothing retailer that is contemplating marketing their baby clothing on the web, where do you begin? The search results...

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The Essentials of Optimized Web Design

By admin - 3rd July 2012

The art of website optimization is more than just building optimized pages with keyword inclusion. Website optimization must also respect the SEO friendly fundamentals of web design and development. In other words, the back-end structure or mark-up language (HTML) of a website can ultimately influence SEO performance. So in this blog post we underscore some of the essentials of optimized web design and development, and how to address these components in a SEO friendly manner. Optimized Website Development Developing an...

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