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[Insights:] Transform Your SEO Strategy Into a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

By admin - 26th March 2013

There’s no doubt that SEO is becoming more and more influenced by social media. The mission for both Google and Bing is to deliver the best search results possible to their users. With Google+ and Facebook (Bing,) a social mechanism has now been employed to search.  The fact of the matter is: Humans trust content that’s been produced or socially endorsed by other humans. Various SEO game changers have risen. Elements like Google Authorship and socail signals (such as +1’s,...

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Increase Web Traffic By Recruiting Influencers as Guest Bloggers

By admin - 14th March 2013

“When it comes to blogging, creating the actual content is the least important part of the equation.” Those are some powerful words by Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer. In a recent blog post by Ryan titled Why Blogging is Dumb, he shares some rather enlightening and inspiring insights for content marketers. In short, content is not king. Traffic is. Generating traffic is the central purpose of blogging, is it not? You can publish amazing content all day, but if it...

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3 Crafty Tools Employed by Ecommerce SEO Experts

By admin - 11th March 2013

Over my five-year career in the SEO profession, I have used a number of different tools to make my job more efficient. Although some tools are better and more expensive than others, I found a few that invaluable to my job as a SEO expert. Now engaged in ecommerce SEO, the use of these tools is even more helpful. Ecommerce SEO projects are often highly complex and cumbersome endeavors. In short, there’s just a lot more going, making it essential...

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7 Powerful Website Optimization Tips for Webmasters & Common Web Marketers

By admin - 22nd February 2013

Any business with a web presence should make SEO a high priority. In essence, SEO enables businesses to attract more visitors to its website by increasing search engine visibility. Because users are actively searching specific keywords to find what they’re looking for, a website’s search exposure can result in quality web traffic and pre-qualified leads. There are several momentous moves that almost any webmaster at any SEO-caliber can make. These tips focus on website optimization, or the on-site SEO work...

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The Best Resource for PPC Optimization is in the ‘Search Terms’

By admin - 5th February 2013

If you manage a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, then you’ll definitely want to conduct some optimization from time to time. “Optimization” is just a fancy way of saying “tuning-up” or “improving performance.” For most PPC campaign managers (especially those who maintain large AdWords accounts,) optimization can be an ongoing endeavor. To be adept in PPC optimization, you need to be aware of a few key tools in Google AdWords. One of those tools is the Dimensions tab. The best...

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