Google+ Local Optimization

Google+ Local pages for businesses are an excellent marketing tool. Formerly Google Places, Google+ pages for businesses are an infusion of search and social media. That is, Google+ Local pages are integrated in the social media platform (Google+) as well as the Google search engine results.

The result of this shift by Google is a powerful way for local businesses to reach in-market consumers. But what’s more than simply starting a Google+ Local page for your business, is optimizing the page for maximum local SEO potential.

At the Web Presence Group, we specialize in the creation and optimization of Google+ pages to help increase the online visibility of local businesses. We optimize all forms of media for Google+ pages, including images and video, as well as the on-page content that visitors read. However, our services in Google+ optimization is geared for more than just for SEO. Our objective is to help businesses offer the best brand experience for potential customers.

Google+ Local Optimization

There is no doubt that a Google+ Local page can help maximize your local SEO efforts. Not only are these pages tied to Google’s search engine results, but they offer a cost-efficient means of connecting with consumers. And because these pages are socially oriented, they could soon be the next Facebook pages for businesses, on steroids. Google+ Local pages are the new wave of social media marketing. By infusing social and search, Google+ will soon be the central hub for most web users. As a result, the potential that these pages offer for businesses and brands is immense. The companies that jump on board fast and optimize their Google+ pages are those that will get ahead of the game, and their competitors.

Local SEO Value in Google+ Pages

If you recall the local SEO value Google Places offered to local companies, Google+ is destined to exceed that potential by leaps and bounds. In essence, because Google+ pages are socially integrated, the opportunities to share and spread awareness can help your brand go viral. So unlike Google Places, these pages hold even greater potential. Making your business’s Google+ Local page as effective as possible demands consistent social media marketing and ongoing management. Letting your Google+ presence grow stagnant can limit its potential and local SEO. Let us help you make the most of Google+ optimization efforts. Contact us today to learn more.