Video SEO Optimization

More and more often, videos are making their way in the organic search results. As a result, video SEO (or Video Optimization) is becoming an essential practice of organic search engine optimization. A video placement has a significant advantage over a traditional website listing. And when branding appropriately, a well ranking video can result in highly-relevant, in-market traffic.

Video Website SEO OptimizationAt the Web Presence Group, we offer a wide scope of video optimization tools and resources. Our experts can provide video SEO services for complete YouTube channels, or simply a handful of videos. We take to time to optimize specific aspects of the video file and ensure that each is as search engine friendly as possible. In addition, we can offer advice regarding video development and key elements consumers appreciate when they view videos on the Internet.

Aspect of our Video SEO Services

As part of our video SEO services, we integrate the most effective techniques, including:

  • Video Transcriptions: Accompanying your videos with an accurate transcription of what is being said is an easy and highly effective method for video SEO. As part of our video optimization service, we transcribe as well as implement the content of your videos.
  • Video & Social Media: The power of social media has made a profound impact on how easy videos are shared and distributed online. We tailor video optimization packages that infuse social media marketing and online branding.
  • Channel Optimization: In addition to videos, often times the channel itself needs an optimization overhaul. By ensuring the right elements are on your video channel, you can also improve the overall organic SEO impact of your videos.
  • Link Building: Link building is just as powerful to websites as it is to videos. Our link building services can also be directed towards your video optimization.

Video SEO is becoming a more mainstream component to our website optimization services. We provide highly effective video SEO services utilizing a number of techniques. To learn more about our video optimization service, contact us.