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Why Your Marketing Plan Should Emphasize Web Presence Management

By admin - 29th April 2013

The marketing playing field for most businesses has become primarily digital. Even for locally-focused small businesses, there’s a wealth of marketing opportunities in having a cohesive web presence in search (Google,) social media, and other avenues that center on digital brand building.  A business’ web presence is its overall online image. Social reputation, search engine visibility, tone and value of communications, and many other variables define an authoritative web presence. All of these elements demand creative planning and consistent management....

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[Strategy Insights:] Google Local and Your Business’ Web Presence

By admin - 25th April 2013

Web Presence Group author and marketing manager, Tyler Tafelsky, wrote a great post about using Google+ to boost your brand’s presence on the web and it goes into some great points such as how Google is starting to use social influences within the SERPs (search engine result pages). However, there is another part of Google+ that is worth getting your business involved in that can help to drive more web and foot traffic to your business. Google Local Local listings...

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Keyword Research Tips to Ignite Your Mobile SEO Strategy

By admin - 19th April 2013

It’s beyond obvious that mobile-based search is growing fast. People use their smartphones to search for almost anything, spanning from local restaurants to specific products. It’s thus important that your business respects the power of mobile SEO as means to earn quality web traffic.  The primary reason to do mobile keyword research for your SEO strategy is to pinpoint unique search terms that your mobile target market uses on a smartphone (and not on a PC or laptop.) In some...

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Tips for Using Google+ to Magnify Your Brand’s Web Presence

By admin - 15th April 2013

By joining the early adopters on Google+, you can significantly magnify the web presence of your brand in many ways. This centers on one momentous fact: Google+ is a social media network that can directly impact search. How, you ask?  When a person adds a brand or business page to his or her Google+ circles, that brand or business page has earned authority of the individual’s search results in Google. For instance, let’s pretend “John” encircles the Google+ page of...

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Know the Importance of Google Authorship & Preparing for AuthorRank

By admin - 4th April 2013

As we enter the second quarter of 2013, there’s a wealth of commotion about Google Authorship in the search marketing profession. The commotion revolves around the ever-powerful image rich snippet – a profound enhancement to one’s search listing that can significantly increase click-through rates (which is awesome for SEO). In addition to this powerful rich snippet, the long-term focus for creative search marketers is preparing for AuthorRank, a new authority measure (and ranking mechanism) that’s expected to roll-out sometime the...

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