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Sir, ‘On-Page Optimization’ is Only Like 30% of the SEO Equation

By admin - 28th December 2012

Common folk (those who are not SEO-inclined) think of SEO as a scientific process of “optimizing a website.” The truth of the matter is, on-page optimization is only about 30% of the SEO equation. Most of what drives a page to the top of the search results occurs off the website. It’s important to understand what these vague processes mean (e.g. “on-page optimization” and “website optimization”.) In this post, I will give you simple definitions of what these terms mean...

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6 Budget-Sucking PPC Campaign Management Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

By admin - 6th December 2012

Managing an AdWords PPC campaign can be a cumbersome undertaking. It’s not uncommon for inexperienced marketers to quickly fail at PPC campaign management. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the foundational techniques and best practices. Well now it’s time to learn from the mistakes of elementary search marketers. Below I summarize six of the most common, budget-sucking mistakes that newbie PPC advertisers make. By learning from these PPC mistakes, you will know just how...

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3 Tips for Building a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

By admin - 28th November 2012

Building a credible online business requires more than just organic SEO, PPC advertising, and other forms of web marketing. To achieve sustainable online success, your company should focus on web presence optimization – a more holistic and strategic approach to digital branding. In addition to SEO and traditional forms of online marketing, a web presence optimization strategy will center on audience-focused content marketing and social media engagement. Together, these aspects of a brand’s web presence constitute a more unified undertaking that’s redefining...

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3 Advantages of Guest Blogging for Web Presence Optimization

By admin - 15th November 2012

The practice of guest blogging is becoming a very popular tool for organic SEO and web presence optimization. Guest blogging offers tremendous opportunities to help SEO’s and Internet marketers expand their web presence in front of new audiences, all the while diversifying their link building efforts on new, publishing platforms. In short, guest blogging carries three distinct advantages for web presence optimization. These include: the ability to expand the reach of your content, which can benefit both online branding and...

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Web Presence Management: Combining SEO & Social Media Marketing

By admin - 7th November 2012

The Internet marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Although SEO and social media marketing are still integral components to building a successful web presence, both of these mediums are changing rapidly. Most of these changes center on how SEO and social media marketing are becoming increasingly interrelated. With advent of Google Plus, as well as Search plus Your World, social is beginning have a strong influence on search. As a result, SEO’s are being forced to alter their strategies accordingly. At...

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