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The Landscape for Local SEO is Google Places

By admin - 18th April 2012

The scope of search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly changing, especially in the form of local SEO. Strategies that may have been successful one year ago may be obsolete today. Search engine optimizers must be at the forefront of their profession, absorbing any emerging channels, tools, and tactics that will send quality traffic to their clients. One of the most popular channels that is taking local SEO by storm is Google Places. Offering immense potential for local marketing exposure, the...

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5 Tips for Better SEO Copywriting

By admin - 9th April 2012

Copywriting is one of the most under-appreciated yet ever-essential tasks in the organic SEO profession. Although link popularity and anchor text relevancy are the main drivers to better search engine rankings, the content of a webpage ultimately establishes its keyword relevancy. And from a user standpoint, quality and unique copy is what helps a webpage sell. SEO copywriting is balancing act of writing quality content that speaks value to the target audience while including the right blend of keywords and...

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How to Optimize the Internal Linking of Your Website

By admin - 4th April 2012

Among the various strategies for organic search engine optimization is internal linking (also referred to as “cross linking”). When done logically and accurately, internal linking can improve both the search engine performance and usability of a website. Contrary to internal cross linking, external linking is executed between two different domains or websites. Search engines like Google pass value and keyword relevancy based on the terms used in the external link’s anchor text (or “link text”). A majority of the efforts...

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How PPC Can Launch Your Small Business

By admin - 7th March 2012

In comparison with traditional, off-line forms of local advertising, Pay Per Click advertising through Google search can offer ten-fold the ROI. In short, PPC advertising has become one of the most efficient, highly targeted forms of marketing. With the growing number of smartphone users, local search has progressed immensely over the past year. Pay Per Click enables small businesses to hold the top spot on local search engine results, and without breaking the bank. How Pay Per Click Advertising Works...

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