Mobile Web Development

With the growing popularity of smartphones and the use of mobile search engines, now is the time consider a mobile-friendly website. At the Web Presence Group, we offer professional mobile web development services for many types of businesses and brands.

Particularly for local companies that target select, in-market audiences, a mobile website can be highly beneficial. Our mobile website development services focus on affordable solutions that cater to the needs of both the business and the consumer. In addition to developing a mobile website, we can also help promote the site so mobile search engine users can find your business with ease. To learn more about our mobile website development services, contact us.

Mobile Website Development Services

At the Web Presence Group, our mobile website development services can be custom tailored for projects large and small. Our mobile web developers are able to create simple mobile websites consisting of a few pages to large mobile sites with complex architectures. We specialize in many facets of mobile website development, including several supplemental services, such as

  • Mobile Website Design: A key stage in the mobile web development process is the design. We employ experienced graphic designers who help create clean and highly-professional mobile websites.
  • Mobile Sitemaps: An often overlooked component to mobile website development is the sitemap. Submitting a mobile sitemap notifies search engines that your mobile website exists, and that it needs to be crawled. This is also a critical aspect to mobile optimization.
  • Mobile Optimization: The ideal complement to our mobile web development service is mobile optimization, or mobile SEO. These services help increase your mobile website rankings for select keyword phrases that your target marketing it searching.

Staying atop the latest advancement in mobile website development is a core focus of our team. We understand the growing nature of the mobile marketing and help our clients achieve their online objectives with a creative and highly effective mobile web presence. Contact us to learn more.