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How SEO Services Can Help Grow Your Local Company

If you operate a local company, then SEO services can be the best investment to grow your brand’s visibility and gain more traffic. Whether you are as established business with a long track record in your area of expertise or a start-up looking to break into the market, establishing a solid web presence is vital […]

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5 Local SEO Tips for Chiropractors

For local chiropractors, SEO is a powerful marketing strategy to better attract new patients in your area. In essence, your chiropractic website needs to be optimized in order to increase its visibility for specific keywords that your target patients are searching. When your website starts to see greater visibility in the search engines, your practice […]

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Creative Local SEO Strategies for Small Businesses

Local SEO is a significant component of bringing more traffic to your small business’ website (and to your business storefront.) There are a number of factors that Google considers when determining search engine rankings. And each month, Google refines its search engine algorithm to become more intelligent. While some local SEO and Google local search […]

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2015 Traverse City SEO Guide Provides Actionable Best Practices

The brand new 2015 Traverse City SEO Guide unveiled mid December and it’s loaded with best practice insights on local SEO specifically for business based in Traverse City, Michigan. The in-depth guide covers both on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques, and depicts some of the vital differences and strategic basics of comprehensive search marketing program.  […]

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Optimized Surgeons: Specialized SEO and Search Marketing Services

Optimized Surgeons is a unique Internet marketing firm with a key focus in providing highly-effective web marketing and SEO for surgeons and other medical-related professionals. With its powerful system designed to help surgeons get the quality leads they need, surgeons are placed a step closer to acquiring new patients. Ideally, the power behind the strong […]

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Do Local Directories Matter for Ecommerce SEO?

With a lot buzz surrounding phrases like local SEO, citation auditing, and ensuring your business is listed on all major web directories, an ecommerce marketer has to wonder if these local directories offer any SEO value. Given the non-location-specific nature of ecommerce SEO, one begs the question: do local directories matter for ecommerce SEO? If […]

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Barnacle SEO: What Is It & How Can You Leverage It for Local SEO?

Barnacle SEO has been around for a while now, but it’s making a big come back. Will Scott is accredited to having invented the name as an alternative to “parasite SEO”. The essence of barnacle SEO is best defined by Will Scott himself when he says that Barnacle SEO is: “Attaching oneself to a large […]

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The 4 Pillars of Local Inbound Marketing

The web has drastically evolved the way in which smart businesses handle their core marketing efforts. Local business marketers who understand inbound marketing can develop comprehensive web solutions that are sustainable, measurable, highly effective and cost-efficient. Inbound marketing, in a nutshell, involves putting yours business (or its web presence) in front of the people that […]

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Simple 10-Step Guide to Local SEO & Website Optimization

Local SEO can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all types of small-to-medium sized businesses. And although many perceive SEO as this ominous science formula that only Google specialist know, that truth is local SEO is fairly straightforward. In short, you can do local SEO on your own with the proper guidance. Perhaps you’ll […]

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A Simple Roadmap to Using Schema.org for Your SEO Clients

Whether you’re technical SEO guru with a wealth of HTML knowledge or front-end content strategist, all calibers of search marketers can leverage Schema markup for SEO. Before you dive into Schema.org and try implementing these unique scripts, it’s wise to learn a few things about what it Schema markup entails. Even though it is advisable […]

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