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A Simple Guide to Developing a Mobile Website Optimization Strategy

With Google’s new mobile search algorithm update due April 21st, most businesses need to create a mobile website optimization strategy to ensure their mobile search rankings don’t slip. Rather than seeing this change as a threat, successful businesses are seeing this as an opportunity to thrive over their competitors.  A mobile-friendly website is essential for […]

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Technical SEO Audits: What They Reveal & How They Can Help

Most web marketers and site owners spend a wealth of time, money, and resources doing front-end on-page SEO, and knowingly or unknowingly, they neglect back-end technical SEO. A technical SEO audit involves going through your website to check if it has any technical issues which could make it difficult for search engines to crawl and […]

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3 Ways to Determine the Legitimacy of a Website Optimization Company

Recruiting the help of website optimization company is huge decision that can ultimately influence the return of your SEO and web marketing investment. When choosing a website optimization company, you must look for companies that have the necessary experience, processes, and resources in place. Determining the legitimacy of a website optimization company (before dishing-out a […]

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Simple 10-Step Guide to Local SEO & Website Optimization

Local SEO can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all types of small-to-medium sized businesses. And although many perceive SEO as this ominous science formula that only Google specialist know, that truth is local SEO is fairly straightforward. In short, you can do local SEO on your own with the proper guidance. Perhaps you’ll […]

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Re-shape Your Company’s Perspective of Website Optimization

Many companies think of website optimization as a set of techniques to enhance search engine exposure. Some extend the definition further into more technical aspects of improving a website load speed, crawlability, and user performance. While the latter two components do accurately describe website optimization, the art of creating and executing a website optimization strategy […]

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7 Powerful Website Optimization Tips for Webmasters & Common Web Marketers

Any business with a web presence should make SEO a high priority. In essence, SEO enables businesses to attract more visitors to its website by increasing search engine visibility. Because users are actively searching specific keywords to find what they’re looking for, a website’s search exposure can result in quality web traffic and pre-qualified leads. […]

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5 Simple Website Optimization Tips to Meet the New Standards of SEO

The best practices of SEO are changing. Instead of trying to game Google to get top rankings, the new standards of SEO focus on quality content gains popularity (and earns search engine authority) naturally. So in addition to “SEO,” the new standards emphasize social media and building meaningful connections. The way in which you optimize […]

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Sir, ‘On-Page Optimization’ is Only Like 30% of the SEO Equation

Common folk (those who are not SEO-inclined) think of SEO as a scientific process of “optimizing a website.” The truth of the matter is, on-page optimization is only about 30% of the SEO equation. Most of what drives a page to the top of the search results occurs off the website. It’s important to understand […]

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6 Website Optimization Tips to Improve SEO & CRO

Website optimization is an ambiguous phrase that’s used in many content. But really, the simple definition of website optimization is the effort of making a website perform better. Whether to perform better for usability, search engine optimization (SEO), or conversion rate optimization (CRO), many processes of website optimization overlap in their core purpose. That is, […]

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Effective Website Calls to Action

A Call to Action is a marketing term that refers to any prompt or trigger that marketers use in order to get a prospective customer/client to take action and take the next step toward converting into a sale. Within the context of Internet marketing, such terminology that would be associated with a Call to Action […]

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