Content Marketing

Content Marketing Attracts Website VisitorsAt the Web Presence Group, we advocate content marketing as one of the most powerful tools to market on the web. In addition to the marketing and branding impact, content marketing is also highly effective channel for SEO and website optimization. Not only is online content marketing ideal for increasing brand awareness on the web, but content marketing is a proven, white-hat approach to SEO link building.

By offering a professional, English speaking team of in-house content writers, we are able to produce unique content that focuses directly on your brand and Internet marketing objectives. Unlike some sources for content marketing services that pride their service on speed and volume, our writers focus their attention on quality and relevancy. We utilize a number of content distribution channels to publish various forms of content on the most relevant websites.

Our Online Content Marketing Services

We provide custom, online content marketing services for many different companies and brands. Some of the primary channels we use for content marketing include:

  • Online articles and other forms of text based content
  • Blog posts via internally and externally, such as guest blogging
  • Press releases and news feeds
  • Engaging videos and rich media
  • Custom designed images and infographics

Our team of experts can provide ongoing content marketing services to help sustain unique visitor traffic and quality readership. In accordance with our content marketing services, we also offer organic SEO and link building services to complement your inbound marketing efforts. Our full-service website optimization services are tailored to enhance your search visibility with a credible reputation. Contact us to learn more.


Strong article writing is a significant source of inbound traffic, and is essential for any content marketing effort. But what distinguishes article writing services from other forms of content marketing is longevity. Unlike some forms of web content that eventually get buried or forgotten, quality articles contribute to sustainable readership and lasting organic SEO link value. Our content marketers can tailor an impactful article marketing solution to bring more awareness to your web presence.


Blogs are a great way to get highly relevant visitors to read what you have to say. As a result, new visitors can make their way to your website with ease. Publishing meaningful blog content can make all the difference in the world. Our blog writing team can produce industry-specific as well as brand-specific posts to accelerate your online content marketing efforts.

Press Releases

Publishing press releases is key to building a credible web presence. Press releases can help expose your business while shaping the image of your online brand. By announcing newsworthy occurrences that are relative to your audience, you can earn quality publicity that promotes your business. In addition to staffing experienced professionals in press release writing, we also utilize a number press release distribution platforms to ensure relevant placement of your releases.


Videos are engaging for content that can offer a powerful contribution to any inbound marketing strategy. We can help you company develop and optimize quality videos that obtain top exposure in the organic search results via SEO, as well as attract natural attention via content sharing and social media marketing. Videos are one of the most powerful form of content marketing and we exploit the opportunities in video optimization for clients as well as our own efforts.

Content is King of Inbound Marketing

Online content marketing is a must have for the arsenal of any website optimization company. Content marketing helps facilitate public relations as well as link building for SEO. Learn more about our content marketing service and how it can help propel your online brand. Contact us today.