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5 Vital Elements of an Intelligent SEO Competitive Analysis

Why does your competitor’s website rank higher than your site in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? What are they doing that you’re not? Are you missing out something? For starters, following the basics of SEO best practices blindly is not enough to rank your website highly in SERPs. You must delve deeper and unearth what […]

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5 Local SEO Tips for Chiropractors

For local chiropractors, SEO is a powerful marketing strategy to better attract new patients in your area. In essence, your chiropractic website needs to be optimized in order to increase its visibility for specific keywords that your target patients are searching. When your website starts to see greater visibility in the search engines, your practice […]

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2015 Traverse City SEO Guide Provides Actionable Best Practices

The brand new 2015 Traverse City SEO Guide unveiled mid December and it’s loaded with best practice insights on local SEO specifically for business based in Traverse City, Michigan. The in-depth guide covers both on-page SEO and off-page SEO techniques, and depicts some of the vital differences and strategic basics of comprehensive search marketing program.  […]

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Respecting Social Signals & Creating a Socially-Integrated SEO Strategy

When optimizing a website to increase its visibility in Google organic search, there are numerous ranking factors that need to be understood. Among the most impactful variables that influence a site’s potential to rank highly in Google are: backlinks, domain authority, keyword use, and level of optimization. However one factor that’s earning more importance in the […]

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3 Approaches to Conducting Local SEO Audits

In most professional SEO agencies, experts conduct detailed SEO audits on client websites before undergoing any specific strategies or tasks. These days, most local business owners understand the importance of SEO as a part of their marketing efforts. However, these parties fail to realize positive results through their SEO investment. In order to improve your […]

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Do Local Directories Matter for Ecommerce SEO?

With a lot buzz surrounding phrases like local SEO, citation auditing, and ensuring your business is listed on all major web directories, an ecommerce marketer has to wonder if these local directories offer any SEO value. Given the non-location-specific nature of ecommerce SEO, one begs the question: do local directories matter for ecommerce SEO? If […]

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3 Ways to Determine the Legitimacy of a Website Optimization Company

Recruiting the help of website optimization company is huge decision that can ultimately influence the return of your SEO and web marketing investment. When choosing a website optimization company, you must look for companies that have the necessary experience, processes, and resources in place. Determining the legitimacy of a website optimization company (before dishing-out a […]

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Diversify Your Backlink Portfolio With Optimized Image Links [Tutorial]

With respect to Google’s vicious Penguin updates and the crack-down on over-optimized anchor text, it’s now more important than ever to diversify your site’s backlink portfolio. How? you might ask. Beyond the obvious ways of using more natural and variant anchor text, as well as ensuring your link sources are legit, you can include optimized […]

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Natural Link Building Tips for a Post-Penguin SEO Era

In early October 2013, Google released its fifth edition of the infamous Penguin algorithm update. The new Penguin update impacted a wide spectrum of webmasters and search marketers, spanning from aggressive link builders to small site owners conducting no link building at all.  For the former group of link builders, the techniques that once lifted […]

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How to Earn Backlinks Like a True Online Authority Figure

If you’re deep in your SEO practice, you may have realized that manually building links is simply losing its touch. Not only is it challenging and time-consuming to find relevant, high-PagRank link sources, but with recent Google algo changes, the effectiveness of classic link building tactics is diminishing.  Instead of conducting relentless bouts of outreach […]

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