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3 Ways to Determine the Legitimacy of a Website Optimization Company

Recruiting the help of website optimization company is huge decision that can ultimately influence the return of your SEO and web marketing investment. When choosing a website optimization company, you must look for companies that have the necessary experience, processes, and resources in place. Determining the legitimacy of a website optimization company (before dishing-out a […]

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Simple 10-Step Guide to Local SEO & Website Optimization

Local SEO can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all types of small-to-medium sized businesses. And although many perceive SEO as this ominous science formula that only Google specialist know, that truth is local SEO is fairly straightforward. In short, you can do local SEO on your own with the proper guidance. Perhaps you’ll […]

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Diversify Your Backlink Portfolio With Optimized Image Links [Tutorial]

With respect to Google’s vicious Penguin updates and the crack-down on over-optimized anchor text, it’s now more important than ever to diversify your site’s backlink portfolio. How? you might ask. Beyond the obvious ways of using more natural and variant anchor text, as well as ensuring your link sources are legit, you can include optimized […]

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Natural Link Building Tips for a Post-Penguin SEO Era

In early October 2013, Google released its fifth edition of the infamous Penguin algorithm update. The new Penguin update impacted a wide spectrum of webmasters and search marketers, spanning from aggressive link builders to small site owners conducting no link building at all.  For the former group of link builders, the techniques that once lifted […]

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Re-shape Your Company’s Perspective of Website Optimization

Many companies think of website optimization as a set of techniques to enhance search engine exposure. Some extend the definition further into more technical aspects of improving a website load speed, crawlability, and user performance. While the latter two components do accurately describe website optimization, the art of creating and executing a website optimization strategy […]

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3 Red Flags That Signify Incompetent SEO Companies

The search marketing profession is vast with perspectives as to what constitutes SEO best practices. Whether or not they’re effective, or let alone righteous, most SEO companies have specific systems in place.  Compounding the variance in perspectives is the fact that Google’s search engine algorithm is constantly evolving. SEO techniques that worked six months ago […]

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Defining the 5 Types of Links & Optimal Distribution for SEO

There’s a lot of commotion with respect to backlinks and how to perform link building properly after Google’s Penguin update. The matter of question centers on the anchor text of links: “what ratio of optimized, semi-optimized, and natural links should I be using?” In this post, I will define the five primary types of links, […]

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3 Simple Strategies for Ecommerce SEO

Almost all ecommerce websites are conceptually similar. They typically all have varying levels of product categories, sub-categories, product pages, shopping carts and checkout processes. Although there are always unique qualities, the strategies for ecommerce SEO are relatively consistent for most e-retailers. In this blog post, we share some of the most fundamental strategies for ecommerce […]

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3 Benefits of Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Content marketing is becoming more than just a buzzword in the Internet marketing and SEO industries. Content marketing is a rather broad term that underscores a powerful approach to promote a business on the Web. In short, creating brilliant content (whether in form of a video, article, blog post, or infographic) and marketing that content […]

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Infographic: Content Marketing is on the Rise in Search

Brilliant content helps brands go viral. The social integration of the Internet over the past decade has streamlined the sharing of virtually all forms of content. As a result, content marketing offers limitless opportunities to grow a business’s web presence. Spanning from videos, images, and infographics to articles, blogs, and comics, the channels to exploit […]

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