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The Foundation to a Successful Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

Based on my experience creating law firm web marketing strategies over the years, I am now compelled to share some of my insights to the world. Ensuring your web marketing strategy is cohesive across multiple channels is absolutely essential in today’s digital age. And this is especially critical for law firms. Because legal professionals are […]

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Local SEO Tips for Google’s New Local Search Results

The search engine results pages (SERP’s) for local keywords continue to evolve. Just take a look at the screen shot below of Google’s new Local Search results. For those of us who are avid Google users, the new look of these local search results is pretty fresh stuff. For SEO, it’s begging the question how […]

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3 Bare Necessities of Social Media for SEO Achievement

The effectiveness of last year’s SEO strategies are slowly diminishing (if not entirely obsolete.) Such SEO strategies and techniques include manually building links (with keyword-specific anchor text,) getting your brand listing on every directory imaginable, and cramming keywords in the content of your website website.  Over the past several months, social media has stepped-in and […]

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Keyword Research Tips to Ignite Your Mobile SEO Strategy

It’s beyond obvious that mobile-based search is growing fast. People use their smartphones to search for almost anything, spanning from local restaurants to specific products. It’s thus important that your business respects the power of mobile SEO as means to earn quality web traffic.  The primary reason to do mobile keyword research for your SEO […]

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7 Powerful Website Optimization Tips for Webmasters & Common Web Marketers

Any business with a web presence should make SEO a high priority. In essence, SEO enables businesses to attract more visitors to its website by increasing search engine visibility. Because users are actively searching specific keywords to find what they’re looking for, a website’s search exposure can result in quality web traffic and pre-qualified leads. […]

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The Best Resource for PPC Optimization is in the ‘Search Terms’

If you manage a PPC campaign in Google AdWords, then you’ll definitely want to conduct some optimization from time to time. “Optimization” is just a fancy way of saying “tuning-up” or “improving performance.” For most PPC campaign managers (especially those who maintain large AdWords accounts,) optimization can be an ongoing endeavor. To be adept in […]

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5 Practical PPC Optimization Tips for Efficient Campaign Management

Managing a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign in Google AdWords can be a cumbersome endeavor. I often see PPC campaigns that are just a mess, and for many reasons. A little education can go a long way when trying to manage a profitable PPC campaign. Below I share with you five easy-to-learn PPC optimization […]

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5 Simple Website Optimization Tips to Meet the New Standards of SEO

The best practices of SEO are changing. Instead of trying to game Google to get top rankings, the new standards of SEO focus on quality content gains popularity (and earns search engine authority) naturally. So in addition to “SEO,” the new standards emphasize social media and building meaningful connections. The way in which you optimize […]

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6 Budget-Sucking PPC Campaign Management Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Managing an AdWords PPC campaign can be a cumbersome undertaking. It’s not uncommon for inexperienced marketers to quickly fail at PPC campaign management. This is primarily due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of the foundational techniques and best practices. Well now it’s time to learn from the mistakes of elementary search marketers. Below […]

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3 Tips for Building a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

Building a credible online business requires more than just organic SEO, PPC advertising, and other forms of web marketing. To achieve sustainable online success, your company should focus on web presence optimization – a more holistic and strategic approach to digital branding. In addition to SEO and traditional forms of online marketing, a web presence optimization strategy […]

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