Text Message Marketing Services

Text message marketing is one of the newest and fastest marketing mediums for businesses. SMS (Short Messaging System) text messaging as a form of mobile marketing offers unprecedented potential to reach highly relevant consumers. And because most consumers receiving marketed text messages are “opted-in,” or signed-up, the opportunities for immediate results are immense.

At the Web Presence Group, we focus our mobile text message marketing services on small to medium sized companies, particularly those with a local presence. The immediacy of mobile marketing via text messaging can be highly advantageous for local businesses that can benefit from immediate response advertising. Our experts can help from the initial set-up of creating an opt-in database to the execution of SMS text message blasts that motivate recipients and promote instant business.

SMS Text Message Marketing Service

As part of our SMS text message marketing service, we use what are called “short codes,” which often reflect certain keywords, to create opt-in consumer databases. In addition to helping manage these databases, our mobile marketing experts utilize the latest technologies and innovations to implement highly effective text message marketing campaigns for a number of businesses. We are able to tailor custom SMS text message marketing packages for a wide range of advertising objectives and budgets.

Some of the benefits our of mobile SMS text message marketing service include:

  • rapid response and immediate action being taken by in-market consumers
  • notify loyal customers of events and sales that are taking place
  • the ability to reach a mass audience both easily and cost-efficiently
  • counteract slow times during business with a text message marketing campaign
  • Instantly promote specific products or services that demand timely consumer awareness

Our mobile marketing experts are happy to help you on your way to creating an effective text message marketing campaign. To learn more about our mobile text message marketing service and how it works, contact us.