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Re-shape Your Company’s Perspective of Website Optimization

By admin - 4th September 2013

Many companies think of website optimization as a set of techniques to enhance search engine exposure. Some extend the definition further into more technical aspects of improving a website load speed, crawlability, and user performance. While the latter two components do accurately describe website optimization, the art of creating and executing a website optimization strategy can entail much more.  In this post, we go into great detail of what defines a cohesive website optimization strategy. Although not all components will...

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The Foundation to a Successful Law Firm Web Marketing Strategy

By admin - 21st August 2013

Based on my experience creating law firm web marketing strategies over the years, I am now compelled to share some of my insights to the world. Ensuring your web marketing strategy is cohesive across multiple channels is absolutely essential in today’s digital age. And this is especially critical for law firms. Because legal professionals are often savvy with their web marketing initiatives, the competition (especially in more metropolitan areas) can be fierce. In this article, I lay the foundation to...

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3 Foundational PPC Management Strategies for Ecommerce Sites

By admin - 6th August 2013

Ecommerce PPC management is often a complex and cumbersome undertaking. Unless you’re using PPC management software that streamlines various tasks and processes, you have to understand the intricacies of the advertising platform (namely “Google AdWords.”)  Even if you are using software for ecommerce PPC management, these strategies still apply. Below are three foundational PPC management strategies for ecommerce sites. Focal Ad Grouping The ad groups within your ecommerce PPC campaign will often perform better with very tight and focused keyword...

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3 Red Flags That Signify Incompetent SEO Companies

By admin - 30th July 2013

The search marketing profession is vast with perspectives as to what constitutes SEO best practices. Whether or not they’re effective, or let alone righteous, most SEO companies have specific systems in place.  Compounding the variance in perspectives is the fact that Google’s search engine algorithm is constantly evolving. SEO techniques that worked six months ago may be entirely counterintuitive today. As a result, the quality spectrum of SEO providers has drastically widened. In short, businesses and marketing teams seeking a...

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Local SEO Tips for Google’s New Local Search Results

By admin - 25th July 2013

The search engine results pages (SERP’s) for local keywords continue to evolve. Just take a look at the screen shot below of Google’s new Local Search results. For those of us who are avid Google users, the new look of these local search results is pretty fresh stuff. For SEO, it’s begging the question how does a business get a good placement in the horizontal listings at the top of the page? In this post, I am going to share...

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