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Simple 10-Step Guide to Local SEO & Website Optimization

By admin - 13th March 2014

Local SEO can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all types of small-to-medium sized businesses. And although many perceive SEO as this ominous science formula that only Google specialist know, that truth is local SEO is fairly straightforward. In short, you can do local SEO on your own with the proper guidance. Perhaps you’ll benefit from some coaching or an SEO consulting program, but for the most part, with the proper resources (and webmaster/site access) you can achieve a...

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A Simple Roadmap to Using for Your SEO Clients

By admin - 6th March 2014

Whether you’re technical SEO guru with a wealth of HTML knowledge or front-end content strategist, all calibers of search marketers can leverage Schema markup for SEO. Before you dive into and try implementing these unique scripts, it’s wise to learn a few things about what it Schema markup entails. Even though it is advisable to learn some HTML coding first, most tech-savvy end users can do a lot once the basics are learned. What is Schema? Schema markup was...

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Become an SEO Authority with Brilliant Content Marketing & Social Media

By admin - 6th February 2014

When most business owners and marketers think about their SEO strategy, content marketing and social media are two elements that often get segregated into their own unique strategies. The fact of the matter is, a successful SEO strategy demands the integration of both content marketing and social media. If you’re still on the fence about how content marketing and social media can be applied to your company’s SEO strategy, the concepts below will enlighten you on how each of these...

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Diversify Your Backlink Portfolio With Optimized Image Links [Tutorial]

By admin - 16th December 2013

With respect to Google’s vicious Penguin updates and the crack-down on over-optimized anchor text, it’s now more important than ever to diversify your site’s backlink portfolio. How? you might ask. Beyond the obvious ways of using more natural and variant anchor text, as well as ensuring your link sources are legit, you can include optimized image links in your SEO link building arsenal. What Makes an Image “Optimized?” In the SEO profession, “optimized” is a fancy-pants way of saying “includes...

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Natural Link Building Tips for a Post-Penguin SEO Era

By admin - 23rd October 2013

In early October 2013, Google released its fifth edition of the infamous Penguin algorithm update. The new Penguin update impacted a wide spectrum of webmasters and search marketers, spanning from aggressive link builders to small site owners conducting no link building at all.  For the former group of link builders, the techniques that once lifted keyword rankings has now come back to haunt them. Now, with respect to SEO link building, the emphasis of naturalization is paramount. If you want...

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