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How to Find the Right Ecommerce SEO Company That Provides Top-Notch Services

Ecommerce sites are faced with a higher level of difficulty when it comes to ecommerce SEO and earning top rankings. Not only are product-related keywords intensely competitive, but Google’s PPC ads and shopping listings occupy a significant amount of real estate in the results. As a results, many online retailers seek the assistance of ecommerce […]

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The Foundation to Building a High Traffic Blog

Many individuals and businesses create blogs for many different reasons. However, the underlying objective for virtually all blogs is to generate traffic.  Building a high-traffic blog is not easy. It demands extensive research, mindful preparation, and diligent upkeep. In essence, a blog that earns the respect of its audience must offer a high level of […]

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How to Earn Backlinks Like a True Online Authority Figure

If you’re deep in your SEO practice, you may have realized that manually building links is simply losing its touch. Not only is it challenging and time-consuming to find relevant, high-PagRank link sources, but with recent Google algo changes, the effectiveness of classic link building tactics is diminishing.  Instead of conducting relentless bouts of outreach […]

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3 Bare Necessities of Social Media for SEO Achievement

The effectiveness of last year’s SEO strategies are slowly diminishing (if not entirely obsolete.) Such SEO strategies and techniques include manually building links (with keyword-specific anchor text,) getting your brand listing on every directory imaginable, and cramming keywords in the content of your website website.  Over the past several months, social media has stepped-in and […]

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The Foundation to a Sound “Link Earning” Strategy

Inbound links are still the powerhouse in determining search engine rankings. But what’s far more powerful than manually building links (which is gray-hat SEO in itself,) is naturally earning links to your website.  Although more powerful, link earning is much more challenging than link building. You need to build a solid and well-intended foundation to […]

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Why Your Marketing Plan Should Emphasize Web Presence Management

The marketing playing field for most businesses has become primarily digital. Even for locally-focused small businesses, there’s a wealth of marketing opportunities in having a cohesive web presence in search (Google,) social media, and other avenues that center on digital brand building.  A business’ web presence is its overall online image. Social reputation, search engine […]

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[Strategy Insights:] Google Local and Your Business’ Web Presence

Web Presence Group author and marketing manager, Tyler Tafelsky, wrote a great post about using Google+ to boost your brand’s presence on the web and it goes into some great points such as how Google is starting to use social influences within the SERPs (search engine result pages). However, there is another part of Google+ […]

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Tips for Using Google+ to Magnify Your Brand’s Web Presence

By joining the early adopters on Google+, you can significantly magnify the web presence of your brand in many ways. This centers on one momentous fact: Google+ is a social media network that can directly impact search. How, you ask?  When a person adds a brand or business page to his or her Google+ circles, […]

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Know the Importance of Google Authorship & Preparing for AuthorRank

As we enter the second quarter of 2013, there’s a wealth of commotion about Google Authorship in the search marketing profession. The commotion revolves around the ever-powerful image rich snippet – a profound enhancement to one’s search listing that can significantly increase click-through rates (which is awesome for SEO). In addition to this powerful rich […]

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[Insights:] Transform Your SEO Strategy Into a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

There’s no doubt that SEO is becoming more and more influenced by social media. The mission for both Google and Bing is to deliver the best search results possible to their users. With Google+ and Facebook (Bing,) a social mechanism has now been employed to search.  The fact of the matter is: Humans trust content […]

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