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Tips for Using Google+ to Magnify Your Brand’s Web Presence

By joining the early adopters on Google+, you can significantly magnify the web presence of your brand in many ways. This centers on one momentous fact:

Google+ is a social media network that can directly impact search.

How, you ask? Google+ Web Presence Optimization

When a person adds a brand or business page to his or her Google+ circles, that brand or business page has earned authority of the individual’s search results in Google.

For instance, let’s pretend “John” encircles the Google+ page of Newton Running. As cutting-edge running shoe brand, Newton Running shares posts on Google+ about their running shoes for triathletes.

So when John visits Google to search for “running shoes for triathletes,” Google may display Newton Running’s Google+ posts about this particular keyword.

Because John has Newton Running in his Google+ circles, AND because John’s search was keyword relevant to Newton’s post (about “running shoes for triathletes,”) he is shown unique search results that have been influenced by Google+.

This all surrounds Google’s Search, plus Your World, a serious game-changer that denotes Google+ as a powerful asset for SEO and web presence optimization.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Google+ Presence

In essence, the more people that you can get to encircle your brand’s Google+ page, the greater control and influence you can have over their Google search results. That’s the thesis statement that you should have well ingrained in your brain. Google+ Web Presence Optimization

But how exactly do you go about achieving this? Below are some tips to help you get started.

  • If you haven’t already, create the proper Google+ page for your business (local business/place, brand, or company/organization/institution.)
  • Populate your brand’s Google+ page with accurate and informative content.
  • Ensure that the Google+ profile image and banner are professional looking and properly branded with the right logos and design elements.
  • Join relevant Google+ communities and engage with community members by sharing, commenting, and +1’ing posts.
  • Encircle influencers (authority figures who are popular in your brand’s niche or industry) and respectfully engage with them (so they encircle your back!)
  • Reach out and encircle other related businesses and brands (so you can share their good content, and hopefully, vice versa.)
  • Make consistent Google+ posts focusing on valuable, relevant content.
  • Promote your brand’s Google+ page on various other properties, such as the website and social media accounts.

There’s no doubt that Google+ is evolving the SEO playing field like never before. By actively engaging with your audience on Google+ now, your SEO and web presence optimization efforts will be significantly magnified.


About the Author

Tyler Tafelsky has over five years of experience in the organic search marketing profession. In addition to SEO, he is highly engaged in content marketing and social media. He is the lead SEO and Internet marketing manager here at the Web Presence Group, and spearheads most client campaigns and content marketing projects.

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