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The 4 Pillars of Local Inbound Marketing

By admin - 18th June 2014

The web has drastically evolved the way in which smart businesses handle their core marketing efforts. Local business marketers who understand inbound marketing can develop comprehensive web solutions that are sustainable, measurable, highly effective and cost-efficient. Inbound marketing, in a nutshell, involves putting yours business (or its web presence) in front of the people that want what you have to offer. The game shifted from hoping to be found to knowing you will be found, and understanding how to get...

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9 New Features of the Google Keyword Planner Tool

By admin - 1st May 2014

All professional search marketers are aware that conducting proper keyword research is a vital process for the success of any organic SEO or PPC advertising campaign. The Google Keyword Planner Tool is a great resource that generates keyword data and that’s necessary to formulate calculated search marketing strategies. And recently, Google has unveiled several new features (9 to be specific,) making the keyword research process even more refined. Below we summarize these 9 new features of the Google Keyword Planner...

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Ecommerce SEO Site Audit: Gain Valuable Insights & Expectations

By admin - 18th April 2014

With the incredible marketing potential behind the Internet and Google search, many retailers are taking their product sales to the web. The reason is quite obvious: to reach more customers. But there’s one problem that many ecommerce site owners face, and that’s poor search engine exposure and lack of site traffic. Aside from new ecommerce endeavors, many online store owners have had experience with an ecommerce SEO professional in the past, but had little to no return on their investment...

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5 Creative Ideas for a Link Bait Driven Content Strategy

By admin - 1st April 2014

In any SEO context, it is important to understand the value of drawing attention to your website. Quality content that induces a positive impression and makes visitors say things like “nice” or “good stuff” attracts links naturally. So whether you like the term “link bait” or not, your content strategy should aim to attract links in an organic manner. A link bait driven content strategy demands serious immersion, planning and motivation to realize successful outcomes. Winning content strategies that naturally...

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3 Ways to Determine the Legitimacy of a Website Optimization Company

By admin - 18th March 2014

Recruiting the help of website optimization company is huge decision that can ultimately influence the return of your SEO and web marketing investment. When choosing a website optimization company, you must look for companies that have the necessary experience, processes, and resources in place. Determining the legitimacy of a website optimization company (before dishing-out a down payment) is not only vital, but a realization you can make during the initial conversation. So if your a business owner, webmaster, search marketer,...

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