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3 Approaches to Conducting Local SEO Audits

By admin - 22nd October 2014

In most professional SEO agencies, experts conduct detailed SEO audits on client websites before undergoing any specific strategies or tasks. These days, most local business owners understand the importance of SEO as a part of their marketing efforts. However, these parties fail to realize positive results through their SEO investment. In order to improve your website rankings and SEO ROI, you need to pinpoint and strengthen the weaknesses that your site might be facing. A complete SEO audit can be...

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Optimized Surgeons: Specialized SEO and Search Marketing Services

By admin - 19th September 2014

Optimized Surgeons is a unique Internet marketing firm with a key focus in providing highly-effective web marketing and SEO for surgeons and other medical-related professionals. With its powerful system designed to help surgeons get the quality leads they need, surgeons are placed a step closer to acquiring new patients. Ideally, the power behind the strong SEO capabilities lie squarely on relevance and authority. The surgeon SEO team at Optimized Surgeons as done just that. They have tailored all of their...

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Do Local Directories Matter for Ecommerce SEO?

By admin - 27th August 2014

With a lot buzz surrounding phrases like local SEO, citation auditing, and ensuring your business is listed on all major web directories, an ecommerce marketer has to wonder if these local directories offer any SEO value. Given the non-location-specific nature of ecommerce SEO, one begs the question: do local directories matter for ecommerce SEO? If you’re on the fence about whether or not to invest in local directories for your ecommerce SEO strategy, below we share some insights has to...

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Barnacle SEO: What Is It & How Can You Leverage It for Local SEO?

By admin - 15th August 2014

Barnacle SEO has been around for a while now, but it’s making a big come back. Will Scott is accredited to having invented the name as an alternative to “parasite SEO”. The essence of barnacle SEO is best defined by Will Scott himself when he says that Barnacle SEO is: “Attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current.” You see, it’s pretty obvious that large websites will attract more traffic...

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Technical SEO Audits: What They Reveal & How They Can Help

By admin - 8th July 2014

Most web marketers and site owners spend a wealth of time, money, and resources doing front-end on-page SEO, and knowingly or unknowingly, they neglect back-end technical SEO. A technical SEO audit involves going through your website to check if it has any technical issues which could make it difficult for search engines to crawl and index it. Conscious awareness of the technical issues that are hindering the crawl and index potential of your site can be an absolute game changer...

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