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3 Advantages of Guest Blogging for Web Presence Optimization

The practice of guest blogging is becoming a very popular tool for organic SEO and web presence optimization. Guest blogging offers tremendous opportunities to help SEO’s and Internet marketers expand their web presence in front of new audiences, all the while diversifying their link building efforts on new, publishing platforms.

In short, guest blogging carries three distinct advantages for web presence optimization. These include:

  • the ability to expand the reach of your content, which can benefit both online branding and inbound marketing
  • the opportunity to build links from authoritative and relevant publishing platforms
  • the potential to build new relationships and be a part of a community of authors

Where to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Before we begin describing these advantages in greater detail, below we share a few resources to help you find relevant blogs to offer you content.

  • – This is a great community to find relevant website for guest blogging, as well as to offer you blogs for guest authors.
  • Google Search – Search a keyword that’s relevant to your SEO efforts. Filter your search by clicking the “More” option in the top navigation, and then selecting “Blogs.” Google will display blogs and blog posts that are relevant to your search. From here you’ll need to do some outreach and inquire to the blog owners about being a guest author.
  • Social Media – Leverage Facebook, Google+, and other social media platforms to scour for blog posts being shared by authoritative sources. Similar to Google Search, you’ll need to do some digging and outreach to connect with blog owners.

How Guest Blogging Impacts SEO & Web Presence Optimization

Expand the Reach of Content

The beauty of guest blogging is that you can get some of your best content in front of new readers. Some blogs are very authoritative and have massive groups of fans and followers. This can significantly expand the reach of your ideas and while optimizing your overall web presence.

Be sure to include an author bio at the end of any guest content that you offer. This is the important to ensure that enlightened readers know who produced such great content, thus building awareness in your brand. This can also inbound traffic directly to your website or social media profiles, which is just as good as that traffic you can earn via SEO, if not better.

Build Relevant & Authoritative Links

For most SEO-focused guest authors, building links is the primary intentions for their practice. The fact of the matter is, inbound links that derive from authoritative and relevant blog posts are a driving force to earning better search engine rankings. And the more links you can build from a wide range of blogs, the more diverse and natural your link portfolio will appear.

It’s important to confirm with the blog owner the terms for adding links in you guest article. Most blog owners will not accept links pointing to your website if they conflict with the products or services they offer, in addition to links that don’t have merit or logic in the content. Also be sure that you’re not over-optimizing your anchor text on all posts that you offer. It’s key to understand the various types of links and the optimal distribution for your inbound link portfolio.

Develop New Relationships

The practice of guest blogging stems from diligence outreach to relevant blog owners and businesses. Whether you blogging for your own company or on behalf of you clients, reaching out and developing new relationships can offer advantages beyond SEO and inbound marketing.

Building new relationships can lead to sustainable connections and long-term opportunities for guest blogging. If you’re a really good writer and provide exceptional content, you can position yourself as a trusted author with a high degree of expertise in your field. Establishing a reputation among a strong community can open the doors for limitless possibilities.

The Last Word

Guest blogging offers a powerful portal to expand the exposure of your content, create quality links to your site, and develop lasting relationships with new groups of content creators. There are numerous advantages of guest blogging, so start reaching out and establish new connections to better optimize you web presence.

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