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How Creating a Segmented XML Sitemap Can Help Get Your Blog Content Indexed Faster

By admin - 30th October 2012

There are many types of websites and blogs that can benefit from timely crawling and indexing. Especially for news and article-based blogs, quick Google indexation can help ensure that content is seen in search ASAP. Submitting a XML sitemap is a way of telling Google “Yo I published some fresh content, so crawl and index it now, please.” Most SEO’s and website optimizers will create XML sitemaps for an entire website, only to revise and re-submit the sitemap when new...

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6 Website Optimization Tips to Improve SEO & CRO

By admin - 19th October 2012

Website optimization is an ambiguous phrase that’s used in many content. But really, the simple definition of website optimization is the effort of making a website perform better. Whether to perform better for usability, search engine optimization (SEO), or conversion rate optimization (CRO), many processes of website optimization overlap in their core purpose. That is, one component of optimizing a website may improve all of the latter performance benefits. So to enlighten you on some ways to optimize your website,...

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Defining the 5 Types of Links & Optimal Distribution for SEO

By admin - 10th October 2012

There’s a lot of commotion with respect to backlinks and how to perform link building properly after Google’s Penguin update. The matter of question centers on the anchor text of links: “what ratio of optimized, semi-optimized, and natural links should I be using?” In this post, I will define the five primary types of links, as well as the optimal distribution of using each type of link for SEO. This information is based on a wealth of research, testing, and...

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Effective Website Calls to Action

By admin - 25th September 2012

A Call to Action is a marketing term that refers to any prompt or trigger that marketers use in order to get a prospective customer/client to take action and take the next step toward converting into a sale. Within the context of Internet marketing, such terminology that would be associated with a Call to Action would be “Buy Now,” “Click Here,” or “Fill Out This Form.” Calls to Action are an essential element to help convert prospective customers into sales...

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Using Open Site Explorer for Off-Site SEO Link Analysis

By admin - 20th September 2012

Open Site Explorer is a must-have tool for any individual involved in search engine optimization (SEO). Developed by ever-powerful SEOmoz, Open Site Explorer reveals a wealth of information about the link data surrounding your website (or a competitor’s site.) The link data provided by this tool can help you analyze your off-site SEO efforts. If you’re not a SEOmoz Pro member, you will have limited access to the information given; however the data is still insightful at gauging the quality...

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