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[Insights:] Transform Your SEO Strategy Into a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

There’s no doubt that SEO is becoming more and more influenced by social media. The mission for both Google and Bing is to deliver the best search results possible to their users. With Google+ and Facebook (Bing,) a social mechanism has now been employed to search.  The fact of the matter is: Humans trust content […]

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SEO Strategy Insights for Facebook’s Graph Search

If you’re up-to-par with SEO or what’s happening in the search industry, you’ve probably caught word of the new Facebook Graph Search. Facebook’s Graph Search takes Internet search to a much more personal level. Users can perform a search for “sushi restaurants that my friends like” and “dentists my friends have been to.” For SEO’s, […]

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5 Simple Website Optimization Tips to Meet the New Standards of SEO

The best practices of SEO are changing. Instead of trying to game Google to get top rankings, the new standards of SEO focus on quality content gains popularity (and earns search engine authority) naturally. So in addition to “SEO,” the new standards emphasize social media and building meaningful connections. The way in which you optimize […]

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3 Tips for Building a Web Presence Optimization Strategy

Building a credible online business requires more than just organic SEO, PPC advertising, and other forms of web marketing. To achieve sustainable online success, your company should focus on web presence optimization – a more holistic and strategic approach to digital branding. In addition to SEO and traditional forms of online marketing, a web presence optimization strategy […]

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Web Presence Management: Combining SEO & Social Media Marketing

The Internet marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Although SEO and social media marketing are still integral components to building a successful web presence, both of these mediums are changing rapidly. Most of these changes center on how SEO and social media marketing are becoming increasingly interrelated. With advent of Google Plus, as well as Search […]

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Blogger Platform Integrates Google+ Social Elements

Google has recently integrated its social media network into its blogging platform by infusing Google+ sharing in the Blogger dashboard. This move should be a hint to SEO experts that social’s impact on search is on the rise. The inclusion of Google +1 buttons and social sharing options is also a way for marketers to […]

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3 Simple Strategies for Ecommerce SEO

Almost all ecommerce websites are conceptually similar. They typically all have varying levels of product categories, sub-categories, product pages, shopping carts and checkout processes. Although there are always unique qualities, the strategies for ecommerce SEO are relatively consistent for most e-retailers. In this blog post, we share some of the most fundamental strategies for ecommerce […]

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The Importance of Mobile Website Optimization

Having a smartphone friendly website is a major consideration for all types of companies. It’s the major marketing decision of 2012 as mobile Internet use continues to skyrocket. To shed some light on just how important mobile website optimization has become, below are five noteworthy statistics to absorb: In 2012, 94% of smartphones users will […]

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