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Web Presence Management: Combining SEO & Social Media Marketing

The Internet marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Although SEO and social media marketing are still integral components to building a successful web presence, both of these mediums are changing rapidly.

Most of these changes center on how SEO and social media marketing are becoming increasingly interrelated. With advent of Google Plus, as well as Search plus Your World, social is beginning have a strong influence on search. As a result, SEO’s are being forced to alter their strategies accordingly.

At the Web Presence Group, we strive to adapt to these changes by embracing the evolving standards of Internet marketing and digital brand building. In doing so, we focus a great deal of our programs on web presence management, an integrated approach of combining SEO strategies with that of social media marketing and engagement.

Below we underscore what defines web presence management, and how your company can prepare itself for merge of SEO and social media.

Web Presence Management is Brand Building

One aspect of the changes occurring in SEO is that it’s no longer seen solely as a marketing and advertising tool. SEO is now becoming more of branding tool. Particularly with respect to Google’s Search plus Your World, the more social authority a brand has via Google Plus, the more strength it can gain for SEO.

So although achieving sustainably high search rankings is indeed a sound technique to gain advertising exposure, there’s much more to it than that. The social integration with search offers companies the opportunity to grow their brand’s visibility and establish meaningful connections. And like social media, the growth of brand popularity can spread in a viral manner, magnifying a company’s SEO potential.

Organic SEO is Not Dead. It’s Evolving.

Many search engine marketers believe that organic SEO is dying (if not claiming that SEO is already dead.) That certainly might be true if you define the practices of SEO based on manually building backlinks and writing keyword-rich pages. Sure, that form of SEO is indeed dying.

But really organic SEO is the holistic practice of gain better visibility in the organic search results. With the momentous changes that are integrating social activity, organic SEO is only evolving. Instead of trying to manipulate Google with a more technical, keyword-focused approach, expertise in organic SEO centers on creating real connections with a more market-focused approach.

In short, organic SEO is becoming more like real marketing in that websites must cater to the user, not so much the keyword. The more users like a business and its website, the popular it can become – thus increasing its social authority. This my friends is the cornerstone to web presence management.

Web Presence Management is Creating a Community

Arguably dying-off is social media marketing. This too is evolving into what’s known as social media engagement. In managing your brand’s web presence, social interactions are best supported when viewed as a community in which you engage with, not so much market to.

Think about what defines a community. It’s a group of people with common interests and aspirations. When you build a community around your brand, you can better leverage social engagement and build even greater relationships with you followers. And when outsiders see how awesome your community is, they will want to join in.

This article was written by freelance organic SEO expert and web presence manager at the Web Presence Group, Tyler Tafelsky. You can learn more about Tyler by connecting with him on Google Plus.

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