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Barnacle SEO: What Is It & How Can You Leverage It for Local SEO?

Barnacle SEO has been around for a while now, but it’s making a big come back. Will Scott is accredited to having invented the name as an alternative to “parasite SEO”.

The essence of barnacle SEO is best defined by Will Scott himself when he says that Barnacle SEO is:

“Attaching oneself to a large fixed object and waiting for the customers to float by in the current.”Barnacle SEO

You see, it’s pretty obvious that large websites will attract more traffic in their SERPs when compared to small websites. Thus, it goes without saying that you can get more visitors to your website if you attached it to a different website that has larger traffic such as Angie’s List, Google+ or Yelp. In short, Barnacle SEO is a process of affixing your website to larger sites that is known to as Barnacle SEO.

If you’re a plumber based Cleveland, for instance, you’re more likely going to get on the first page and get noticed by potential customers if you include your site on the most relevant Yelp local category.

How Do You Start Leveraging Barnacle SEO for Local SEO?

Before you even affix your website to a larger site, you need to know the specific sites that will help you succeed in your endeavors. It’s common knowledge that some local sites in specific categories will have higher rankings than others besides being created differently.

Start by conducting a search on specific keywords depending on the category your business falls (or the focus of your local SEO strategy,) so as to identify the website that best addresses your needs. Settle only on websites with constant results.Yelp Barnacle SEO

While you can use Yelp for starters, there’s no harm in extending your search to other websites such as Google +, Yahoo Local, Angie’s List and City Search as well as YellowPages. Proceed to create an account and build a business profile after you’ve settled on a specific local directory.

Create Impactful Directory Profiles

Obviously, the fist thing you’ll need to do after creating your company profile is to optimize it. Google+ Local would be a good platform to stat your local business optimization quest.

Ensure that all the information provided in each and every profile you create is current and in sync. You certainly don’t want to confuse search engines with varying profiles which by extension means you won’t exploit the advantages that come with barnacle SEO fully.

Some of the basic information which must be found on the profile includes business name, contact, opening and closing time as well as website links. In addition, tell the visitors to your site about your business, products sold and services offered. You can do this by using videos and images.

Don’t forget to review your profile when you’re at it, which can greatly help increase your visibility within the larger site and in the general SERPs as well.

You have to be patient for SEO to take effect not to mention that creating profiles on different directory sites can be a nerve wracking affair. However, bearing in mind that you don’t pay anything for these sites, your time and effort will certainly be rewarded in the long run.

If you run a small business of any nature, you definitely know that getting noticed amongst big entities online can be difficult. However, thanks to barnacle SEO company Traverse City, you presence can still be felt online and the beauty of it is that this strategy is cheap especially if you have limited resources.

If you want to see the original source behind barnacle SEO, check out this article by Will Scott himself.

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