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The Foundation to a Sound “Link Earning” Strategy

Inbound links are still the powerhouse in determining search engine rankings. But what’s far more powerful than manually building links (which is gray-hat SEO in itself,) is naturally earning links to your website.  Although more powerful, link earning is much more challenging than link building. You need to build a solid and well-intended foundation to […]

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3 Crafty Tools Employed by Ecommerce SEO Experts

Over my five-year career in the SEO profession, I have used a number of different tools to make my job more efficient. Although some tools are better and more expensive than others, I found a few that invaluable to my job as a SEO expert. Now engaged in ecommerce SEO, the use of these tools […]

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5 Simple Website Optimization Tips to Meet the New Standards of SEO

The best practices of SEO are changing. Instead of trying to game Google to get top rankings, the new standards of SEO focus on quality content gains popularity (and earns search engine authority) naturally. So in addition to “SEO,” the new standards emphasize social media and building meaningful connections. The way in which you optimize […]

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3 Advantages of Guest Blogging for Web Presence Optimization

The practice of guest blogging is becoming a very popular tool for organic SEO and web presence optimization. Guest blogging offers tremendous opportunities to help SEO’s and Internet marketers expand their web presence in front of new audiences, all the while diversifying their link building efforts on new, publishing platforms. In short, guest blogging carries […]

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Defining the 5 Types of Links & Optimal Distribution for SEO

There’s a lot of commotion with respect to backlinks and how to perform link building properly after Google’s Penguin update. The matter of question centers on the anchor text of links: “what ratio of optimized, semi-optimized, and natural links should I be using?” In this post, I will define the five primary types of links, […]

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