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Top Citations to Empower Your Google Local Search Ranking

After SEOmoz acquired, a local SEO resource for all types of businesses and marketers, it’s evident that Google local search will be of primary focus in 2013.

Depending on the keyword and geographic market, attaining a higher local search ranking can be difficult. There’s a number of on-page factors (such as reviews and Google+ page content) as well as off-page factors that influence Google local search rankings.

Citations Suggest Credibility & Authority

Probably the most significant off-page factor is a business’s citations. Citations are links and contact references (e.g. business name, address, phone number) that stem from other websites (primarily directories and other search engines.) In essence, the more citations your business can earn from other credible websites and directories, the more value and authority Google sees in your business.

(In addition to proper on-page optimization of a business’s Google+ local page,) when a company has a wealth of citations, Google may reward the business with a higher ranking in the local search results.

So where do you start building these valuable citations. Below is a list of the top citation resources to empower you local search ranking in Google.

Google local SEO can offer a huge advantage for small businesses. The advertising exposure atop Google local search is invaluable for most companies. To learn more about how the Web Presence Group can help with your local SEO strategy, click here.

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