Google Places Optimization Service

Our Google Places optimization service seeks to increase you business’s local search rankings. Unlike traditional SEO programs, services in Google Places optimization take a unique approach of building greater credibility, trust, and exposure in Google Local Search.

The Google Places listings have become even more prominent in the organic search results, and users are finding a high degree of value and relevancy in using local search to find what they need.

In essence, Google Places SEO seeks to optimize a Places page for better placement in the local listings. As a result, a Places page can capture better traffic from local, in-market consumers.

At the Web Presence Group, we specialize in Google+ Optimization for many types of businesses. Our SEO experts know the key elements that contribute to better local rankings, and can help bump-up your Places page in the results.

Google Places Optimization Services Google Places Optimization Services Map

To optimize Google Places pages, many techniques are applied to the SEO process. This includes a number of on and off-page efforts, several of which can be executed in a very short period of time.

On-Page Google Places Optimization Service

The on-page content of your Google Places page is central to better rankings. We can ensure that your Places page includes the right keywords, and that your page is classified under the right categories. And as part of Google Places optimization services, we will review many specific aspects, such as:

  • critical citations, such as name, address and phone number – on both your Places page and Website
  • any images or videos that have been, or can be uploaded to your Google Places page
  • the quality and amount of reviews that have been posted to your Places page
  • key areas of content, particularly the title and description of your Google Places page

Off-Page Google Places Optimization Service

A central aspect to optimize your Google Places listing is the activity that occurs off the page. Our writers consistently publish client-specific content on local, consumer-related directories. This steers relevant visitors to your Places page, making it all the more popular and thus stronger in the search engines.

Realizing better local search exposure and out-ranking your competitors can be done with right approach to Google Places SEO. This service is often the ideal complement to any website optimization strategy. To learn more about our Google Places optimization services, contact us.