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5 Creative Ideas for a Link Bait Driven Content Strategy

In any SEO context, it is important to understand the value of drawing attention to your website. Quality content that induces a positive impression and makes visitors say things like “nice” or “good stuff” attracts links naturally. So whether you like the term “link bait” or not, your content strategy should aim to attract links in an organic manner. Content Strategy Link Bait

A link bait driven content strategy demands serious immersion, planning and motivation to realize successful outcomes. Winning content strategies that naturally earn link popularity are every SEO’s dream. So in this article, we share five creative ideas to create a link bait-friendly content strategy.

1. Incentivize

Particularly for ecommerce SEO as well as small business, incentivizing content (such as promotions, contests, events, etc) can quickly gain the favor of a targeted audience. For example, a website that offers custom tank tops can have a contest where people can submit their own custom tank top designs. Not only does a prize motivate people to get involved, but the truly creative people will naturally get serious about creating the best custom tank tops.

Contests and other incentivizing content of the like can be highly effective at earning links naturally, especially when shared socially among wide audience.

2. Publish & Share “Deep Content”

Ideal for companies who have a long conversion cycle, “deep content” (e.g. an informative eBook) can help establish your reputation as knowledgeable and credible resource in a given profession or industry. Downloadable PDF’s, eBooks, SlideShares, and other forms of deep content are often educational and enlightening, which can naturally motivate people to like, share, and link to this form of valuable content.

3. Create Audio and Visual-Based Content

Among the most overlooked forms of link bait friendly content is audio and visual-based content. Many marketers are intimidated by the level of effort this form of content takes to produce. However, creating audio and visual content is not that difficult to produce with the right resources. These forms of rich media can also be a complete game changer in your link earning strategy.

4. Re-Purpose Relevant Research

In many industries and professions, there’s a lot of relevant research available in the form of deep content, like PDF’s. A smart link bait content strategy is to re-purpose and condense research studies into more absorb-able content like infographics. This is sound strategy that many successful search marketers leverage for their clients.

5. Leverage Social Media, Aggressively

Without social media, the potential of your company’s content strategy is severely limited. You need people to share your content with, and social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are oil fields that ready to be tapped.

If you don’t have much for social media followers, jump-start your company’s social media presence with advertising and promotional strategies. Facebook makes it pretty easy to run ads that help you attract qualified, in-market followers. Social media is an incredible asset for organic SEO and link earning, which will both hinge upon the success of your content strategy.

To devise an effective content strategy that naturally earns links, you need to have the right resources and ideas in place. If you don’t have a blog, then this sure be the first thing on your list. This will serve as the publishing platform in which your website will attract links. So get busy, get brainstorming, and start creating awesome content that earns links.

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