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Blogger Platform Integrates Google+ Social Elements

Google has recently integrated its social media network into its blogging platform by infusing Google+ sharing in the Blogger dashboard.

This move should be a hint to SEO experts that social’s impact on search is on the rise. The inclusion of Google +1 buttons and social sharing options is also a way for marketers to grow their audience and expand their Google+ following.

As stated on the Blogger Buzz blog:
“Blogger lets you share your thoughts, grow your readership, and engage with your audience. But we want to make Blogger even better by letting you tap into the growing Google+ community. Today, we’re adding a new “Google+” tab in the Blogger dashboard, so you now have a central place to start growing your blog with Google+.”

One-Up for SEO’s?

Yes, you could say that this integration of Google+ on Blogger is indeed a one-up for SEO. By now you should be aware of the fact that the social infusion with search is growing. That is, the social signals from Google+ help distinguish what content is of value (and deserving of higher rankings in Google search.)

This is ideal for content marketing, which fuels SEO. Blogging is great form of content marketing and funneling traffic to your website. Blogger’s inclusion of Google+ can magnify the traffic potential.

For instance, if the post you’ve shared is liked by your Google+ followers, users can also “+1” or re-share the blog post to their own followers. This creates a ripple effect and can expose your content to a wider audience.

Optimize Your Blog

To best optimize blog posts on your Blogger blog, there’s a couple things that you’ll want to do ensure you get the most value from this change.

  1. Link your blog to your your company’s Google+ profile. To do this, visit the Google+ tab found in the Blogger dashboard. There you’ll see an option to link the two profiles.
  2. Add the Google+ widget to your blog’s pages. This will make it simple for Google+ users to add your company to their circles when they like something that you have produced.
  3. Share your newly published content. Blogger now has a “Google+ share box” allowing bloggers to notify followers that a new post has been published. This can be very efficient for users with massive groups of Google+ followers.


The social merge of Google+ and Blogger is an indication of what the future holds for search marketers. Social authority is starting to gain ground, as other ranking factors are diminishing. Stay in-tune with the website optimization blog here at WPG for more to come.
This article written by Tyler Tafelsky, one of our SEO & Website Optimization Specialists here at Web Presence Group.

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